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About us

Education is foundation of all human excellence. School is a place of man making.

about school

Saket International School

Education is foundation of all human excellence. School is a place of man making. Realizing the need of School which is committed to equitably providing high quality, efficient and effective educational programs to develop students’ academic and problem solving skills, and their social, aesthetic, and ethical awareness Rewa Educational Society, Indore, has established an institution to fulfill the vision.

Assessment of student progress will be varied and continuous. We are committed to provide an outstanding educational program which meets the needs of each individual. School is to provide a safe, positive learning environment that assures the academic and social development of each child. Together with parents and community, SAKET INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL staff prepares each student to function effectively in an ever-changing technological world.

Our Mission / Vision

Our Mission

SAKET INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL through educational transformation wants ‘to create best cooperative learning society which can meet future unseen challenges’. A generation groomed to retain the past glory with present pride in our culture, heritage and self as an Indian.

Our Vision

SAKET INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is committed to build a conducive, orderly, trusting, and caring environment where teaching and learning are exciting and students are assisted as they develop responsibility. All aspects of the school’s organization, scholastic, and co-scholastic activities are children friendly and designed to accommodate individual learning styles so that all may experience optimum success. It is to provide a total dynamic educational system centered on student success, personal development, and preparation for life.

— Desk of Chairman

Sunil Patidar

SAKET INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is determined to prepare world class citizens with strong Global work culture and National Ethos. We believe that academic excellences with patriotic feeling groom students for good human beings thus citizen of world. Our school is a sincere step to nurture and shape human life to brighten home, community, Nation. In the present scenario it is imperative that every child should think actively to get involved in sustaining the peace and harmony in natural, cultured and scientific world.

I wish that your child will take glorious heritage of our School to horizon as SAKETIAN

—  Desk of Principal

Mr. Abhishek Goswami

We are all familiar with the saying that “Where there is a will, there is a way” and an individual with a strong will, will succeed. It is the success which makes us contribute to continuing changes, shape as well as determine the destiny of human beings and contribute to the growth of civilization.

We have a dream to spread prosperity with wisdom & consciousness. I feel that the students of SAKET INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL will always excel in every field. We aim to do our best and thus we have come up with our school and require your co-operation to make this become reality.

In anticipation of new hopes and bright future,

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