About Us

Education is foundation of all human excellence. School is a place of man making. Realizing the need of School which is committed to equitably providing high quality, efficient and effective educational programs to develop students’ academic and problem solving skills, and their social, aesthetic, and ethical awareness Rewa Educational Society, Indore, has established an institution to fulfill the vision.

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Remedial classes

Remedial classes will have provision to bridge over individual difference in a class.

Communication Skills

Every possible effort will be made to equip students with fluency in spoken English.

Music & Dance

Students get a cultural array by learning music and dance.

Personality Grooming

Every student will be encouraged to participate in stage activities which will help improve confidence and overall personality of the student.

Hobby Clubs

Social intelligence is developed in creative and leadership pursuits. Clubs are managed by student council.

Sports Arena

Sports are significant for physical growth and stress management. SAKET INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL has a provision for various sports in the school.