House System

School will have house system which helps students in promoting talents, foster a spirit of team work and co-operation, and encourages personal and group initiative and the spirit of harmony. Various Intra School and Interschool Competitions will be held to keep the students busy and involved.

Sports Arena

Sports are significant for physical growth and stress management. Sports help to build stamina and help to learn more by estimation and probability. Moral values like honesty, team spirit, trust and friendliness. SAKET INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL has a provision for various sports in the school; with trained physical instructors.

Co-Curricular Activities

Apart from academics the SAKET INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL encourages students to take part in a range of diverse activities such as sculpture, music, dance, drama nature club, environmental protection, community work, publishing in-house magazines, organizing guest lectures and participating in inter and intra school competitions. Such activities improve creativity, enhance confidence levels, inculcate discipline, enhance leadership qualities and abilities and stimulate the student to become a team player.